Burn Permit

Burn Permit

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In order to receive a burn permit you must first review the appropriate Open Burn regulations below.


QUESTION: I live within the Mayville Village limits, do I need a burn permit for a backyard fire pit?

ANSWER: No. Please review the above village ordinance on Fire Prevention and Protection for guidance on fire pits.

QUESTION: I have been approved for an open burn permit, but the weather is not permitting an open burn based on the guidelines outlined above.  What should I do?

ANSWER: Do not burn and Re-apply for another burn permit at a later date.

By filling out this form the fire department will be informed of your intended open burn and not roll out in the event a neighbor calls because they see smoke. This helps protect the firemen and save you a run fee that you did not expect. If the fire does get out of control, call 911 immediately. Please allow 24 hours for the burn permit to be processed before proceeding. Once processed your approved permit will be displayed below.

If you are requesting a burn permit for today, go ahead and fill out the form below.  Then call the Mayville Fire Department at 989.843.6662 and leave a message.  Someone will get back to you shortly.

Please enter your first and last name
Please describe what you will be burning and all relevant information

Approved Burn Permits

NameAddressOpen Burn Will BeginOpen Burn CompletionYour Relation to the Property Owner
victoria whitman2630 W Blackmore Rd Mayville, MI 48744 US03/28/2023 3:00 PM04/03/2023 3:00 PM
Cliff Shaver6777 Shaver Road Silverwood, MI 48760 US03/28/2023 11:00 AM04/08/2023 10:00 PM
Clayton Miller4800 leix rd Mayville, MI 48744 US03/31/2023 9:00 AM04/03/2023 8:00 AM
Louis Boni3805 Byington Mayville, MI 48744 US03/27/2023 9:00 AM03/31/2023 5:00 PM
Richard S Meyer1801 W Blackmore rd Mayville, MI 48744 US03/25/2023 2:30 PM03/26/2023 12:00 PM
Robert Hilborn4063 Lee Hill rd Mayville, MI 48744 US03/23/2023 9:00 AM03/30/2023 5:00 PM
Louis Boni3805 Byington Rd Mayville, MI 48744 US03/21/2023 12:00 PM03/23/2023 3:00 PM
Will Stolicker3529 lobdell road Caro, MI 48723 US03/17/2023 10:30 AM03/17/2023 12:00 PMSon