150 years and still strong!

The Village of Mayville has information that someone is impersonating a Mayville Fire Department Fireman and knocking on doors attempting to gain entry under the guise of doing a Fire Extinguisher Check or Inspection. THE MAYVILLE FIRE DEPARTMENT DOES NOT RANDOMLY DO FIRE EXTINGUISHER CHECKS!!! THE MAYVILLE FIRE DEPARTMENT IS NOT CURRENTLY DOING RENTAL INSPECTIONS!!! If you have not called for emergency services, or are not near an emergency call situation DO NOT OPEN YOUR DOOR!!! Be Safe. Be Smart. Get Identification!!!!

If you experience this threat to your safety, report it to Chief Cook at the Mayville Police Department at 989.843.5301 or dial 911 immediately.

Traveling north on M-24, you will find Mayville about 80 miles outside of Detroit. A quiet and quaint village, just a little off the beaten path! We are nestled into the heart of Michigan’s Thumb Region. A beautiful, rural community only 45 miles west of Lake Huron. Mayville was founded in 1865. Home of the Sunflower Festival!!