Trunk or Treat Winners

Randy Valentine Village News

The Mayville Village Council would like to announce the Winners of our First Annual Best Decorated “Trunk” Contest. 1st Place was $50 and a Trophy and Ribbon to Cindy and Jeff Smith, 2nd Place was $30 and a Ribbon to Fran and Jack Campbell, and 3rd Place was $20 and a Ribbon to Stacy Baxter Windham and Sandra Baxter.

We would especially like to thank our Contest Judges, Roxann Hiiter, Doreen Crane, Brenda King, and Cecelia Kapcia. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated and created such a fun experience for all the kids and parents that attended.

A special Thanks to Randy Valentine for donating the money for all prizes, the trophy, and ribbons.

1st Place – Cindy and Jeff Smith
2nd Place – Fran and Jack Campbell
3rd Place – Stacy Baxter Windham and Sandra Baxter